Greenstick fracture-diagnostic,symptoms,causes,treatment,

What is the greenstick/Green break fracture?

Greenstick fracture occurs when a bone is flexed, twisted, bend, or cracked without losing
complete connecting. In simple words, greenstick fracture occurs when a bone is twisted
or cracked without cutting into two pieces.

A small greenstick Fracture restricts the mobilization of the bone and can pain a lot. So its
recommended wearing splint and cast for joining or healing of bone.

Before understanding about greenstick Fracture, let me give you a general idea about

What is a fracture or definition of fracture?

Greenstick bone Fracture is nothing but cracking or breaking of strong thing like stone and
bones. read more

Comminuted fracture-causes, tips, treatment, and symptoms

Meaning of Comminuted fracture

A comminuted fracture means one bone which has fractured or broken into two or more

Definition of Comminuted fracture

A comminuted fracture is a type of bone which is fractured into two or more pieces due to
car/bike accident or due to slip of leg and etc.

Definition of Fracture

Breaking or cracking of hard objects with sound, like bones and stones are called fractures.

Comminuted fracture treatment

Usually, the comminuted fracture is treated with surgery and after surgery, it’s recommended to
wear splint or cast to stop the bone from moving while healing.

Comminuted fracture healing time

There is no exact period to say how much time it takes to heal. It may take 20 weeks or
more to heal from comminuted fracture and also it depends on rest periods and on
treatment. It’s recommended to rest and also follow things as per your physician suggested.
a comminuted fracture is also called as two more pieces of bone fracture. read more

Ladies finger-benefits,nutrition,recipes,a-z about okra water

Ladies finger
Today we will see some amazing benefits, recipes, and much about ladies’ fingers.
Guys ladies’ finger is an Amazing vegetable and tasty if you prepare it in a proper way.

ladies finger okra

What is a ladies’ finger?

Ladies finger is a green vegetable, which looks like a finger, and grows in the tree. It’s long in shape
and green in color. And the scientific name of ladies’ finger is Abelmoschus esculentus.

Why it is called a ladies finger?

Ladies’ finger word comes from many English-speaking countries. It is also known as okra.
The reason why it is called a ladies finger is because of its shape, soft and delight and
tapered at the end like ladies’ fingers. read more