Chukander,table beet,garden beet benefits,side effects


chukander/beetroot is a vegetable .which is know by different names like garden beet, just beet, and
table beet. It’s getting popular nowadays because of its amazing results in improving
athletic performance and reducing blood’s first cultivated in Rome.

chukander beetroot

The reason behind its beetroot color
Betanin, it’s a pigment which is responsible for beetroot unique color.

Benefits of chukander/beets/ beetroot benefits

Low in calories and fat :

That Beetroot is high in sugar but it’s low in calories and almost fat-free vegetables which are
very good for those who are on a LOW-CARB DIET.
Since it’s loaded with the fiber it makes you feel full on low calories…be considered adding it in
your diet plan.

Shocking results of chukander on hair care :

Are you suffering from Dandruff or flakes and itchy scalp… You are in the right place…
Many people use beetroot as secret home remedies for treating flakes on the itchy scalp and to
clean scalp.
How to prepare this: use a pressure cooker to boil the beetroot and wait for one visil n mixed a
the proper amount of water in it… After that apply on the affected area on the scalp can also mix
ginger juice or vinegar.
Rinse it after 20 minutes and enjoy its amazing results…

chukander beetroot

Good for heart :

Despite fighting against cancer cells. Beetroot also has properties of folate and betaine
which helps in the lower blood levels of homocysteine.which can increase the risk of heart

Improves athletic performance

Many studies have shown that dietary nitrates improve athletic performance and this is the
cause beetroot gaining popularity in athletics…
Results were visible in Nitrates on physical activities after adding beetroot in there diet.
Reason for results: because of mitochondria which is responsible for producing energy in
your cells…
Consume beetroot to increase cycling and athletic performance in you …

May fight against cancer cells

Cancer is a serious disease and it’s unstoppable growing cells in the body also.
But consuming a beetroot can or may help to fight about cancer growing cells in the body.
Not many studies have shown this however its anti-inflammatory nature have an interest in
fight against cancer…
One test has shown that it reduces breast cancer cells…

May helps you in the weight loss process.

Due to its low-calorie nature, it helps a lot for those who are in a low-carb diet and due to its
High in fiber, it makes you feel full soon.
Despite in low-calorie property it also contains a good amount of protein which is also
considered as important nutrients in maintaining a good weight…

May help in eye health :

In spite of fighting against cancer cells and heart diseases beetroot also helps in improving
eye health due to its lutein properties.. lutein is an antioxidant which protects the eye from age
related problems.

How to prepare betroot juice

chukander beetroot juice

You can add apple juice to the mix – the sweetness will cut between the ‘spice’ of ginger and
ground beetroot (3-4 apples added to the recipe)
If lemon is not something you are sitting on at the moment, you can add orange juice to this
recipe instead. It will not only help to make the sweetness more delicious – it will add more
vitamin c to the juice.
The latter may sound strange – but sometimes all you need to do is add your juice to some
ice-cubes and that is enough to make you feel refreshed and easy to drink.

Side effects of chukander/beetroot

Red urine

Excessive use of beetroot can lead to red or pink urine, also known as beeturia
and is common in people with low iron levels.

It can damage the liver.

Beets are rich in various metals such as copper, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. In
excess, these substances can accumulate in the liver and damage the liver and pancreas.

chukander/beetroot causes kidney stones.

Beetroots are rich in oxalates, which can lead to kidney stones. Also, people with a history of
kidney stones should avoid eating these.

Avoid during pregnancy.

The presence of betaine, a nutrient present in beets, and nitrites can affect expectant
mothers and even the fetus.

The cause of the disease.

Beets contain high levels of oxalates and can contribute to the formation of gouts, which can
cause severe pain in joints.

chukander may increase blood pressure.

People with low blood pressure can get some immersion in blood pressure after the use of
beetroots and beetroot juice.


Excessive beetroot reaction in some people can lead to asthma, rash, itching, fever and

what is the reason for beetroot colour ?

Betanin, it’s a pigment which is responsible for beetroot unique color

what are the benefits of beetroot for men ?

The superfood is labeled “Natural Viagra” due to its nitrate content. Like Viagra, eating beets increases the production of nitric oxide, which opens up blood vessels and increases male circulation. This leads to better prevention of men during sex, and helps them stay in bed longer

when to drink beetroot juice?

drink 200ml of beetroot juice and half an hour before breakfast for best results of beetroot juice

what are beetroot health benefits ?

low in calories and fat
hair care
good for heart
improves athletic performance in you
fight against cancer cells
helps in weight loss
helps in eye health

chukander/Beetroot nutrition

Total Carbohydrate 10 g 3%
Calories 43
Protein 1.6 g 3%
Cobalamin 0%
Total Fat 0.2 g 0%
Saturated fat 0 g 0%
Polyunsaturated fat 0.1 g
Monounsaturated fat 0 g
Sugar 7 g
Potassium 325 mg 9%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 78 mg 3%
Dietary fiber 2.8 g 11%
Vitamin D 0% Vitamin B-6 5%
Magnesium 5%
Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 8%
Calcium 1% Iron 4%

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