Comminuted fracture-causes, tips, treatment, and symptoms

Meaning of Comminuted fracture

A comminuted fracture means one bone which has fractured or broken into two or more

Definition of Comminuted fracture

A comminuted fracture is a type of bone which is fractured into two or more pieces due to
car/bike accident or due to slip of leg and etc.

Definition of Fracture

Breaking or cracking of hard objects with sound, like bones and stones are called fractures.

Comminuted fracture treatment

Usually, the comminuted fracture is treated with surgery and after surgery, it’s recommended to
wear splint or cast to stop the bone from moving while healing.

Comminuted fracture healing time

There is no exact period to say how much time it takes to heal. It may take 20 weeks or
more to heal from comminuted fracture and also it depends on rest periods and on
treatment. It’s recommended to rest and also follow things as per your physician suggested.
a comminuted fracture is also called as two more pieces of bone fracture.

Things to keep in mind

A good surgeon:

consider taking treatment from a good surgeon in terms of comminuted
fracture. A good surgeon is always very important for good results and for fast recovery
from fracture.

Rest period:

The period of Rest is important in comminuted fracture.
Rest assured that you will recover soon from comminuted fracture. Because excess of
exercise or activity may lead to failure of fracture surgery.

Wearing splint or cast:

Consider wearing a splint or cast it helps your bone to heal faster and helps it to look like
before and look like before. It helps in healing.

Causes of Comminuted fracture

Most of the Comminuted fracture causes are from bad fall or automobile accident. Weak bones
and old age tend to have comminuted fracture soon. Whereas healthy bones and young
age tend to withstand from most of the Comminuted fracture causes.

Adoselent who tend to have more physical activity tend to face fractures compare to adults.
Patients who have weak bones tend to face fracture soon like tumor patient, rickets and
Paget disease of bone patients.

Automobile accident

Automobile accidents are the common cause of Comminuted fracture and 70% of
comminuted fracture cases are from an automobile accident. To drive safely to avoid this kind
of fracture.

Bad fall :

Bad fall is another cause of Comminuted fracture, from which people suffer from
comminuted fractures. Avoid wearing high heels, jumping from a height.

Comminuted fracture symptoms

  • Some comminuted fracture symptoms are:
  • Comminuted fractures are very painful.
  • sometimes it doesn’t allow to move the fracture area.
  • comminuted fractures are so painful.
  • Swelling around the fracture area.
  • Bruising
  • Deformity- fracture area may lookout place.

Types of fracture

Greenstick – broken but not completely still linked with each other.
Transverse – a straight line across the bone.
Spiral- it’s common in twisting bone injury.

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when is fractured comminuted?
Usually fractured is comminuted due to bad fall or automobile accident.

How are comminuted fractures treated?
a comminuted fracture is usually treated with surgery for the best results.

Is comminuted fracture bad?
Nope, the comminuted fracture is not good for your bones. With good treatment, your bones
may work but you can’t get that good healthy bones like before so it’s better we avoid any
kind of fracture or injury.

Is comminuted fracture is same as displaced fracture?
No. Comminuted fracture and displaced fracture are not the same. A comminuted fracture is
a scenario where one bone is piece into two or more pieces and whereas in displaced fracture
bone is just piece into two and if it’s more it’s called a comminuted fracture.

Are comminuted fracture consider as displaced fracture?
No, both comminuted fracture and displaced fracture are different.

How to fix comminuted fracture?
A comminuted fracture is usually treated with surgery and with proper rest.

Is comminuted fracture is open or closed?
A comminuted fracture is usually closed.

Where do comminuted fractures occur?
Comminuted can be in any strong bone which is broken into two or more pieces.

comminuted fracture meaning in Hindi?
vikhandit asthibhang

What is the common location for a comminuted fracture?
sagittal and frontal is a common location for the comminuted location.

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