Good morning exercise-a complete guide from professionals

Good morning Exercise

Hello guys! Together we will discuss an amazing Exercise that can do wonders for your
abs, glutes, hamstrings, core, and lower back. And It’s called a good morning Exercise.

Why it is called a good morning Exercise?

Because of its movement in the erector spine which is similar to the rise out of bed to Stretch.

What is a good morning Exercise?

Good morning Exercise is a hip hinge exercise, Which means movement comes from hinging
your hips. we target muscles like hips, glutes, hamstrings, core in Good morning Exercise.


  • Strength your knee.
  • Strength your lower back.
  • Helps in strengthening your hamstrings.
  • it’s the strength of your hips, hamstrings, glutes.
  • It’s Create a strong engagement in the entire posterior chain.
  • Strength your back muscles and hamstrings so you can perform better squats and deadlifts.


  • Perform these exercises with proper posture and training because bruce Lee had a serious injury while performing this exercise.
  • Basic knowledge about strength training and balancing is needed to perform this Exercise.
  • Don’t try to perform these Exercises with heavyweights.
  • Perform these exercises with a weight that is not too heavy.
  • Warm-up before you perform good morning Exercise.
  • Rounding the back while Exercise can lead to injuries.
  • Use a good powerlifting belt.
  • Avoid if your Pregnant and recovering from childbirth.
  • Avoid if you had a spine injury recently.
  • Try to avoid if you had surgery of pelvic, back, or hamstrings.
  • Perform these Exercises on proper ground. On the mat or on a clean surface.


Poor form

You may have a poor posture while performing a good morning Exercise. Avoid rounding of
back it does not come in good posture. Avoid over bending or rising of legs on legs finger.


People try to perform good morning Exercise with heavy weights but most people don’t
know that you don’t need heavy weights to get the maximum benefits of this Exercise.

Try to perform with a suitable weight in which you can perform 10- 12 rips easily with good
posture and balancing.


Warm-up is needed before you perform any intense activity or Exercise like running or lifting
weights and warm-up are 100% needed before you perform good morning Exercise.

Ego lifting

People often watch other people in the gym who lift heavy weights and feel shy to perform well
morning Exercise with milt weights to satisfy their ego or to prove that they can lift more
weights like others but it’s not good.
Always go with a suitable weight for good morning Exercise.

Good morning Exercise for weight loss

Good morning Exercise targets muscles like hamstrings, core, glutes, and core. And for
the weight loss we can perform other Exercise like jumping, jumping jacks, running, Burpees, Jump

Good morning Exercise at home

You can easily perform a good morning Exercise at home. If you have a barbell and some
barbell weights. And you can perform good morning Exercises with dumbbells also.

Gym Equipment you need:

One Olympic barbell or dumbbells.
Olympic barbell disc weight according to your need.

Stretching exercise of good morning Exercise

  • Standing Hamstring Stretch
  • Strengthing Excercise before good morning Exercise
  • Bridges.
  • Knee-to-chest strength.
  • Piriformis stretch
  • Seated spinal twist


What does good morning Exercise do?
Good morning Exercise strength your lower back, And helps to build a strong lower back.

Why good morning Exercise is bad?
Good morning is bad due to people’s wrong posture while performing this exercise. Always
warm-up and do stretching before performing good morning Exercise.

Is good morning Exercise bad for the back?
Yes, it can bad for the back if you perform these Exercises with the wrong posture and without
performing stretching.

Is good morning Exercise safe?
Yes, it’s safe if it’s performed with the right posture and performed after warm-up and stretching.
Deadlift usually performed with heavyweights and whereas good morning Exercise is
performed with less weight compare to deadlift.

A deadlift is a raised bar from the ground to hips and in good morning Exercise weights lifted from the ground to shoulder performed Exercise.

9 Replacement of good morning Exercise

  • Romanian deadlift
  • Stiff leg deadlift
  • Hyperextensions
  • Hip thrusts
  • Reverse Chinese plank
  • Glute ham raises
  • Back extension variations
  • Resistance band good morning
  • Reverse Hyperextensions
  • Variations of good morning Exercise
  • Good morning Exercise with a resistance band.
  • With dumbbells.
  • Good morning Exercise with barbells.

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