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What is the greenstick/Green break fracture?

Greenstick fracture occurs when a bone is flexed, twisted, bend, or cracked without losing
complete connecting. In simple words, greenstick fracture occurs when a bone is twisted
or cracked without cutting into two pieces.

A small greenstick Fracture restricts the mobilization of the bone and can pain a lot. So its
recommended wearing splint and cast for joining or healing of bone.

Before understanding about greenstick Fracture, let me give you a general idea about

What is a fracture or definition of fracture?

Greenstick bone Fracture is nothing but cracking or breaking of strong thing like stone and

Types of fractures.

  • Greenstick.
  • Transverse.
  • Spiral.
  • Oblique.
  • Compression.
  • Comminuted.
  • Segmental.
  • And greenstick fracture is one among them.

Now you know about fracture so let me introduce you to the topic or greenstick fracture.

Definition of greenstick/green tree fracture

Symptoms of greenstick fracture

  • Greenstick fracture is usually a painful situation.
  • Symptoms include:-
  • bruising.
  • Pain.
  • Swelling.
  • Tenderness.
  • Discolored skin around the fracture area.
  • Mobilization of bone will be limited and be painful while movement.
  • The patient can’t put weight or pressure on the fractured bone.
  • Can’t tighten the muscle around the fractured bone.

Pain :

A person with a greenstick fracture may suffer from horrible pain. Pain around the fractured areas
may make a person feel dizziness and nausea and may suffer from fever because of pain. It’s highly recommended to take rest and not use that bone with intense activity.


Another way to identify that it’s fracture is by observing the swelling around the fractured
area. Swelling occurs due to many causes but the swelling is also an indicator of greenstick fracture.


You may feel pain and discomfort if someone touches the fractured area. No need to worry it’s
common in all types of fracture but I always suggest you keep children’s away from that
bone and try to avoid lifting heavy weights and avoid high-intensity activity for your
maximum protection.

Discolored skin around the fracture area. you may see the skin is little red or green color is
due to fracture. I will be facing this issue while I was adolescents.but with proper treatment I
got cured and now my hand is working properly.

And I guarantee you to stay calm and consult the best doctor in your city for the best, quick and for better results.

Mobilization of bone will be limited and be painful while movement. it’s common in every
fracture and you may also face this challenge. I highly recommend you rest and follow as
the doctor suggested.

The patient can’t put weight or pressure on the fractured bone. you may feel impossible or very
difficult to put pressure or weight on that bone. It will so painful to put pressure on that
fractured bone. It’s recommended to not put pressure or weight on Fracture bones.

Can’t tighten the muscle around the fractured bone. as like you can’t put pressure on that
bone. You may also face this situation where you can’t tighten the muscle around the fractured


Greenstick Fracture has occurred when a long bone is bent in an unusual manner or because of
weak bones. This is usually caused because of bending a long back instead of breaking into
pieces it will be cracked from one side and it’s called greenstick Fracture. However, This can
be caused due to automobile accidents, high-intensity activity, or participation in sports activities.
In most of the cases, we have seen greenstick fracture is common or slightly more in
children’s who are less than 10 years, because they have soft bones and they are more likely
to do more activity and participate in sports compare to adults.

I highly recommend you as a parent to give a healthy diet when contains a good amount of
calcium in it for healthy and strong bones. Healthy and strong bones is a sign of less fracture
in adults and also in children.

In adults, we saw greenstick Fractures is occurred because of an automobile accident which is a car
or bike accident. However, greenstick Fracture is less dangerous then
COMMINUTED fracture and can easily treat with the right doctor.

Sports can also be another cause for greenstick fracture, sometimes people have
complained that they suffered from greenstick Fracture because they had participated in
sports, participation in sports is the right decision but sports is an unpredictable activity, so for a
safety precaution avoids sports like soccer and other intense sports.


Greenstick fracture is usually treated by keeping bones from moving. Usually treated with
cast and splint which helps in recovery of greenstick fracture. Time may vary from person to
person depends on the injury, age, and recovery process of the patient. However, a patient
should be using a cast or splint for 4-6 weeks and may vary as I said before.

How much time does it take to heal?

The doctor may recommend an x-ray for the confirmation that fracture is healed or not. After that,
he will recommend you wear a splint and cast, and usually, it takes 4-6 weeks for complete
healing of the fracture. it may vary from person to person depends on age and fracture.

Greenstick fracture in adults

Greenstick fracture in adults is very rare because adults bones are strong compare to
children who are less than 10 years. An adults greenstick fracture is rare and caused by
an automobile accidents and etc.

Greenstick fracture in children

Greenstick fracture in children is common because their bones are soft and often
engaged with injury and fracture. And greenstick fracture is often common in children who
are under 10 years.

Greenstick fracture wrist

Greenstick fracture in the wrist which is very common and seen in most cases. Causes of
this wrist Greenstick Fracture is by a car accident, bad fall, or by slip on the floor. This wrist
fracture is treated with a splint or cast. recommended wearing 4-6 weeks. An x-ray is
recommended to track the progress of recovery.

Diagnostic of greenstick Fracture

Your doctor may ask your child how it gets injured like in sports or in an automobile accident
and may inspect the fractured bone by swelling, bruising, Pain, and Tenderness. And
the doctor may also observe or see these symptoms in your child that color of the skin around the
fracture area, Mobilization of bone, can your child put weight or pressure on that bone, And
may also check that your child can tighten the muscle around the injured area.

A doctor may ask for an x-ray to confirm its Greenstick fracture or Transverse fracture or what
and may also ask x-ray to track the progress of your child’s bone while Treatment.

Clarification of Greenstick fracture

Greenstick fracture can be clarified after an x-ray examination. Clarification should be based
on x-ray results. No matter if you have all symptoms of Greenstick fracture or no
symptoms of Greenstick fracture, it’s highly recommended to take an x-ray before any bond
fractures clarification.

Difference between greenstick fracture and Transverse fracture

Greenstick fracture is an incomplete fracture which means just a crack or flex in the bone. Seen in
10 years old children. can be treated with splint or cast. The recovery time is 4-6 weeks.
Transverse Fracture is specific or you can say different types of fracture where the bone is
broken at the right side at the long plane of bone. It depends on the injury from person to
person, usually takes 6 weeks to recover.

Difference between Spiral and greenstick Fracture

A spiral fracture occurs when a long bone is twisted in force. This is not like greenstick
fracture, in spiral Fracture bone is completely broken and these require treatment, rest,
massage and etc. Bones grow slowly and usually, it takes 6 months to grow and heal.
Greenstick fracture is a crack or flexed in bone but not completely broken and it’s not
a complete fracture. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to grow.

Different between Oblique and greenstick fracture

An oblique fracture is a complete fracture, completely opposite to a greenstick fracture. It’s
a complete fracture that occurs at a plane oblique to the long axis of the bone. Bones grow slowly
and usually so take 3-6 months to recover and heal properly. And whereas Greenstick is not
a complete fracture. It’s an incomplete fracture. Greenstick fracture is a crack or flex on the bone.
Usually, it takes 4-6 weeks to recover by using a splint or cast.

Difference between Compression fracture and Greenstick fracture

Compression is nothing but weakens and crumple bones of the spine. The cause of compression is
the loss of bone mass, bad fall, lifting a heavyweight can cause injury in backbones.its takes 8-
10 weeks to recover from compression with proper rest and Whereas Greenstick fracture is
an incomplete fracture. Crack or flex on bones called a greenstick fracture. Recovery of this
fracture takes 4-6 weeks.

Comminuted fracture Vs greenstick fracture

A comminuted fracture is a break of bones into two or more pieces. And whereas greenstick
fracture is just a crack or flex on bone and it’s not a complete fracture. Comminuted fracture
healing time depends on treatment and age factors. And whereas greenstick Fracture just
takes 3 to 6 weeks to recover.


Yes, we have seen greenstick fracture in adults but it’s rare cases. The reason being is strong
bones of adults.

According to research most of greenstick fracture is treated with splint and cast. And they
have recovered with in 4-6 weeks. Surgery is depends on the fracture, age and on different
factors and x-ray is the best answe for this.

Yes, Greenstick fracture requires a cast because research have shown that most people have
cured from greenstick fracture by using cast and splint.

Yes, Greenstick Fracture Hurt because the bone has been cracked.and can easy cured with proper treatment with rest.

Greenstick fracture causes are
Bad fall
Automobile accident
Instance sports activity
Soft bones

When a person is engaged with intense activities like bad fall, automobile accident, and sports
activities and soft bones.

Yes, it’s common in children less than 10 years. But it’s not common in adults.


Childhood fractures present major challenges to the orthopedic community. Epidemiologic
studies have shown that 18% of children will develop cracks by the age of 9, and children
between the ages of 5 and 14 will have the highest incidence of seizures.7 Further sexual
analysis, Lyons et al. He added that 63.7% of boys and 39.1% of girls were expected to have a
fractured bone by age 15 when they looked at the level of fractures in 68,231.8 children.

which may limit exercise and affect their grades in school.7
Fractures of the arm account for 40% or more of fractures in children.2 Most of the arms
found in the distal part of the arm.8,9 The age distribution of these layers is bimodal;
peak incidence occurs between the ages of 10-14 years, corresponding to adolescent
maturity, with a second low rate between 5-9 years of age.9,10 The most common form of
falls (83%) while direct trauma is a second (10%) ). The most common area of injury
predictable is the play area.7,10 As expected, significant seasonal variations have been
noted, with 34.2% of these injuries occurring in the spring and fall in the winter.10

Surprisingly, there is a strong correlation between the severity of injuries and incidents
related to fractures of the children’s arm, as the incidence of these injuries continues to
increase, 11 while the rate of injury to children is reduced.12 Ryan et al. hypothesized that
this increase in arm fractures may be due to bone loss caused by dysfunction, malnutrition,
and vitamin D deficiency. and increased strength in autumn.

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