Jasmine rice nutrition, benefits, and easy recipe

jasmine rice

Rice is a major source of energy for millions of people across the world. And jasmine rice one
among different types of rice.

Jasmine rice can be in brown and white colors also. Jasmine white rice is so famous for its
aroma and taste. And it’s oriented from Thailand.

White normal rice and jasmine rice nutrition are almost similar. White jasmine rice is high
in fiber and other nutrients.

The jasmine rice dehulled to produce brown rice then it’s milled to remove the germ and to
remove bran from rice to produce white rice.

jasmine rice

Nutrition of jasmine rice

Jasmine rice nutrition – 140grams (cooked)

  • Calories 181
  • Protein 4 gram
  • Fat. 1gram
  • Carbs 39grm
  • Fiber 1gram

Jasmine rice Nutrition of 100grms (uncooked)

  • Calories
  • Protein 7 grams
  • Fat. 0 grams
  • Carbs 80 grams

What is Jasmine rice?

Jasmine rice is oriented from Thailand and primarily grown in Thailand. Jasmine rice can be
seen in both white and brown colors. It’s a long-grain variety of rice, its fragrance will make you
remember about pandan and popcorn.

Is Jasmine rice healthy?

Yes, jasmine rice is healthy. Due to its fiber and low in calories and carbs, it helps you to
lose weight and helps you in better digestion. It contains fewer carbs compared to normal
white rice. It contains calcium, fiber, and potassium. Jasmine rice contains 181 calories for
140 grams.

Jasmine rice Vs white rice

Here, you will find a brief comparison between jasmine rice and white rice.
Jasmine rice contains 1 gram of fiber whereas normal white rice also contains 1 gram of

Jasmine rice contains 181 calories whereas white rice contains 160 calories.
Compare to white rice jasmine rice contains one gram of fat whereas white rice has 0 fat.
Brief comparison

jasmine rice
White rice




1 gram

0 gram

1 gram
1 gram

Jasmine rice and diabetes

Rice is high in carbs and can have a high GI score. It’s not like you should avoid jasmine
rice if you have diabetes.

You can still consume jasmine rice if you have diabetes. But avoid taking it on regular basis.
People usually avoid jasmine rich in dinner, if they are suffering from diabetes but it’s not
the case all the time, you can consume jasmine rice.

Benefits of jasmine rich

  • rice improves nervous system health.
  • is a good source of energy.
  • Can be used for skin care.
  • Jasmine rice is a Good source of energy.
  • Jasmine rice may help to fight against cancer.
  • Controls blood pressure.

Jasmine is a good source of energy

Jasmine rice is rich is b vitamin. And b vitamin helps the nervous system in various way.
I recommend you to give you try if you are suffering a nervous problem, it may do wonders
for your health.

Used as skincare

Are you looking for a natural face mask for your skin to get glowing and healthy skin? You can
give a try for a jasmine rice mask.
It’s used as natural home remedies for years in India as a natural skin mask. for better results, I always recommend following an acne diet

How to make mask jasmine rice mask at home:
Take Jasmine rice according to your need then make it in powder form and put some water
in it. Make it paste of it. And apply on skin and wash it off after 15 minutes.

Good source of energy

Jasmine rice contains a good amount of calories. You get 320 calories for every 100 grams of
Jasmine rice.
It can be a good source of energy for you if you’re searching for an easy way to get some good


Which jasmine rice is the best?
Brown Jasmine rice is the best compare to white rice.. here are my favorite brands of
Jasmine rice.

Lundberg Family Farms Organic Quinoa.
Asian Best Jasmine Rice.
Dynasty Jasmine Rice.

What jasmine rice is used in?
Jasmine rice is used as a source of energy.
Used as a natural face mask.
Used as an ideal ingredient for rice items.

Which is better jasmine rice or basmati rice?
Basmati rice is dry n separate grains, it fluffy type of rice. And whereas jasmine rice is a little
clumped together after cooking. And everyone has a different opinion on tasty of basmati rice
as on jasmine rice.

Will jasmine rice make you fat?
There is no scientific proof that proves that jasmine rice will make fat. But it contains one fat
gram of fat for 140grms which proves it won’t make you fat. But people consume rice in
more quantity in daily life which crosses their maintains calories and makes them look fat.

Are jasmine rice and white rice are same?
We can say they are the same in Nutrition value. Both have almost the same Nutrition value but
Jasmine rice is famous for its aroma.

Where jasmine rice is from?
Jasmine rice is oriented from Thailand and it’s mainly grown in Thailand.

Where to buy jasmine rice?
Jasmine rice can be bought from Amazon. And from another online grocery store. And also from
offline stores.

Easy recipes of jasmine rice

jasmine cooked rice

Plane jasmine rice
Take 100 grams of jasmine rice.
Wash rice three to four times in water.
Soak rice in water for 15 minutes.
Now remove rice from water.
Now put 250 ml to 300ml of water in rice n put salt according to your taste and heat the rice
on high flame. After 8 to 10 minutes cover the pan or vessel and after every 2 minutes check
the rich. Check the rice by taking two or four rice grains and if your grain is soft,
congratulations your plane jasmine rice is ready.

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