Butter fruit benefits, uses, how to make avocado milkshake

Hey guys! If Your reading about butter fruit means you have a great taste of smoothly.
Avocado is a creamy juice that will refresh your mood.

So let’s start with today’s topic about avocado.

benefits of avocado are marvelous. And I hope you will love to read these benefits.

butter fruit benefits

butter fruit benefits/ butter fruit health benefits

Avocado benefits

Helps in reduction of cholesterol

The most common rapidly increasing diseases in the world are heart-related problems. It is due to do
cholesterol. Cholesterol causes due to smoking, unhealthy diet, no exercise, and avocado
helps in reducing cholesterol level by increasing 11% of HDS that is good cholesterol and
helps by reducing 22% LDL which is bad cholesterol. read more

Green gram/mung bean nutrition and benefits

Green gram/mung beans/mung Dal/belongs to the legume family.


green gram

Helps in weight loss

mung bean can be a tasty dish in your weight loss journey. Due to its low calories, it will help you to consume low-carb in your diet. 100 grams of a mung bean will
give you around 100 calories…

Low in fat

mung bean is low in fat…and it can be helpful for those who are following a low-fat diet. You
can prepare green curry or a healthy and tasty dish of mong Dal to enjoy a tasty meal in
your low-fat diet…

Can be a good alternative of protein for vegetarians

You can easily get 24 grams of protein in 100 grams of mung bean.. amazing right? Yes.
mung bean can be a good source of protein for vegetarians. And you can prepare a
different varieties of dishes in mung bean for tasty and healthy dieting. read more

Chukander,table beet,garden beet benefits,side effects

chukander/beetroot is a vegetable .which is know by different names like garden beet, just beet, and
table beet. It’s getting popular nowadays because of its amazing results in improving
athletic performance and reducing blood pressure..it’s first cultivated in Rome.

chukander beetroot

The reason behind its beetroot color
Betanin, it’s a pigment which is responsible for beetroot unique color.

Benefits of chukander/beets/ beetroot benefits

Low in calories and fat :

That Beetroot is high in sugar but it’s low in calories and almost fat-free vegetables which are
very good for those who are on a LOW-CARB DIET.
Since it’s loaded with the fiber it makes you feel full on low calories…be considered adding it in
your diet plan. read more