Amla uses, benefits, nutrients, side-effects of gooseberry

amla(gooseberry) is commonly used in India for a long time. it’s a powerhouse of nutrition.
amla used in a variety of ayurvedic medicine and on hair shampoo for its nutrition which is
found in it. the taste of amla is sweet pungent and sour. can be consumed raw and well as in
powder form ( Amalaki )and also in juice form.amla is rich in vitamin c, calcium, and iron.high
in fiber and rich in antioxidants.



amla is used for hair loss problems, high cholesterol problems, diarrhea, cancer, blood fats, and nausea. ( not scientifically proven ). read more

Adolescent nutrition diet-needs guidelines and importance

Nutrition means providing or consuming certain amounts of nutrition to our body … it varies
from person to person. Different from each gender to gender. Differ for adults to adolescents.

adolescent nutrition

What is adolescent nutrition?

Adolescent nutrition is a process in which a person consumes foods and nutrition that
the body needs are observed. good nutrition for an adolescent is very important for building
muscle and maintaining healthy bones and for a strong immune system. Consider the following
adolescent nutrition for a healthy lifestyle… read more

Double marker test results, disadvantages, cost precautions

Double marker test is given to 35 years above women and those who have type 1 diabetes
and a family history of birth defects.

A double marker test is a blood test and ultrasound which is given to pregnant women. To
find out any chromosomal malformation in the fetus. This test is also conducted because it
plays a major role in finding neurological conditions in the fetus like Edward’s Syndrome
and another kind of down’s syndrome and etc. Chromosomal abnormalities can result in major
problems in post-baby born but it’s extremely rare. read more